Established in 2007, Rinchenling Resort is run by Rinchen Wangmo. Seven years in the hospitality sector has made her one of the most experienced proprietors in the business. Supported by her husband, family and ten employees who have undergone training in various fields of the hospitality industry, she has developed relations with people from all over the world. Humble, soft spoken and a perfect host, there is no reason for one not to walk into Rinchenling.

You do not need a reason to choose Rinchenling, for Rinchenling itself is the reason. 

Rinchenling Resort is a unique family owned hotel in a safe environment rendering special care to our guest. It is located at the edge of pristine blue pine forest near the oldest temple(Jampa lhakhang)built in 746 AD by Tibetan King Songtsen Gyempo.

Matching the beauty, solemnity and serenity of Bhutan’s mythical district Bumthang, Rinchenling Resort is a one-stop resort. Five minute walk from one of the Kingdom’s most sacred sites, Jampa Lhakhang, Rincheling symbolizes the Bhutanese spirit in all aspects, from its architectural designs to the facilities offered.

Surrounded by beautiful pines on one side, the 2.8 acres resort has ample space for one to relish, relax and walk along its lawns   which envelopes the dozens of apple trees. A family run venture, Rinchenling Resort has the perfect atmosphere and facilities for catering to the needs of your body, mind and speech.

If you are looking for peace in the blessed land, knock on the doors of Rinchenling and walk in.